Care after surgery

Care after surgery

Care after surgery
Care after surgery

You are in your room, the temperature of your AC is set at 23,5 degrees.

Some patients might experience tremors and get chills when they wake up. If this happens to you, don’t change the temperature of your AC as it might cause swelling. Grab a blanket instead.

You might feel like sneezing when you wake up. Excessive sneezing should be avoided as it might cause high pressure in the nose. Touch the nostrils lightly when you are about to sneeze and apply pressure to your upper gums using your tongue. Keep your mouth open if you have to sneeze and inform us if your excessive sneezing does not go away.

After 2 hours, your meal will be served. You should eat what is on the menu even if you are not so willing to; your dietician decides what you eat. You will feel better after having food. Sip a glass of water hourly after your meals. It is good for edema prevention and also reduces the effects of anesthesia. The hospital has water units on each floor. You might order your water from the cafeteria if you want to.

Dr. Salih Emre Üregen informs your nurse about your medicines considering after-surgery conditions. The nurse will apply some ice to your face ( no longer than 15 minutes). Do not apply ice to your face 10 hours after the surgery even if you have excessive swelling.

While sleeping on your back, keep your spine aligned by putting a small pillow under your head to achieve a 45-degree angle position. Do not sleep on your left/right side.

You might be feeling great but do not talk or laugh if you don’t have to so that you can avoid swelling.

You will be wearing a tampon on your ’’mustache’’. You can take it off while leaving the hospital. Blood leaks might happen and this is normal. Gently clean the area when it happens.

You will spend the night in the hospital after the surgery. You can leave the following day after Dr. Salih Emre Üregen’s visit.

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