Preparing for Surgery

Soon Dr. Salih Emre Üregen will perform

We have talked about all the details and given you some recommendations.
We have talked about all the details and given you some recommendations.

We would like to remind you of the following information once more;

You need to stop taking aspirin, painkillers, vitamin supplements and alcohol. If there are any other medicines you take regularly, consult your doctor about the dosage and timing.

If you need to take any medicines, please contact us for consultation at +905333009170.

Before the operation (1-2 days, preferably) you need to be at the hospital 8 hours prior to your procedure with an empty stomach and get your blood test and anesthesia check-up done.

If you don’t live in İstanbul and/or busy, you might as well do these on the day of your surgery (2,5 hours prior).

When you are at the hospital, introducing yourself to the receptionists as the patient of Dr. Salih Emre Üregen will be enough, you don’t need to register as we do it for you. The staff is there to help you. When you are done with the tests, you can leave. We will get your results. You won’t be charged extra for this procedure.

If you have your surgery at 09:00 am, you may stop eating around 12:00 pm the night before surgery and then take nothing by mouth from when you wake up until surgery is completed. If you have it at 02:00 pm, start fasting at 05:00 am.

You need to quit smoking a month before your operation (this would be the best-case scenario but it doesn’t sound so probable) or try to smoke less. The day before the surgery, don’t smoke at any costs!


Do not wear makeup, nail polish, and jewelry. Carry comfy, easy-to-wear clothes with you.

You will have your own bathroom, hygienic self-care products, a locker and a garderobe in the room. May you need anything extra, ask for help.

Your nose operation takes around three hours, under general anesthesia. You will find yourself in your room when you wake up. The temperature of the room should be kept at 23,5 degrees both in summer and winter to help it edema prevention.

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